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Loyal Indian Friends Trust

Loyal Indian Friends Trust

Humanitarian Services

Regn No : 1892 / 08

LIFT is an organization formed in order to give disables a real happiness of living their life, beauty of earning of their own, finding comfort and respect in the society.

We are engaged in fund raising Events, Organizing exhibitions, giving training in Art, Craft & other fields where they show interest and what they seek to learn.

These training's are given them to produce finest master pieces of product and excel them as professionals.  

And the training's are given as a well standardized course for free of cost with free material through our centers, training camps and by special care home tutors.

The final product are brought to sales in our website online shopping cart, in our Chitram exhibitions conducted in whereas occasion in whereas hall, in specified galleries and showrooms.  

LIFTLoyal Indian Friends Trust’ was founded by a common simple man from south corner of tamilnadu named L.Mahadevan a former Central Board employer who later turned into an Cine Art Director of South Indian cinema and made is mark more than 70 films. He started this organization with the encouragement & support of his friends who showed their concern towards Society and their loyalty towards the organization.

How we Serve

Here we create a resource for them to fulfill their living needs.

figure out their inner talents are

We bring them out and giving adequate training and resource to expertise.

We upgrade them with new trends and technology.

We sow the seed of knowledge to empower their growth